There is no doubt that vitamins and minerals are best absorbed into the body when they are taken in their natural form through freshly grown produce from the fields. Since this is not always possible, due to unavailability of some produce, or the amount available in which certain foods have to be taken to satisfy the nutrition requirements, lots of people turn to herbal nutrition products to supplement their nutrition needs.

Various herbal nutrition products are supplements in which natural products have been processed by adding metabolism boosting agents. While these supplements definitely give some positive results, and are energy boosters, even herbal products undergo some processing which divests them of many of its naturalness. As such, even these herbal nutritional supplements are not completely free of negative side effects.

Herbal nutrition products are the rage of the times. An increasingly health conscious world is shunning the more conventional health supplements like vitamin tablets and tonics which are chemically synthesized. Instead they are turning to vitamin supplements that come with the tag herbal. Herbal nutrition products are being used more and more for treating everyday complaints like blood pressure, fever, cold, headache and even disorders like depression or cancer since these are believed to be free of the many side effects found in conventional medicines. But it is a mooted question whether the so called herbal nutrition products are things that are completely free of side effects.

It is true that conventional health supplements contain lots of additives added to aid better absorption of the contained vitamins, to aid digestion, and to increase the shelf life of the product. It is because they are worried about the safety of these additives that people turn more and more to herbal nutrition products which too promises to offer the same level of energy boosting, enriching of the immune system, and catering to other requirements like weight control and muscle building.

The problem is that herbal nutrition products are also not completely free of the risks that are part of taking conventional nutritional supplements. There are a lot of similarities in the methods used in mass producing herbal products and the more common type of health supplements. Some herbal nutrition products also give the effect that steroids give, so that athletes are banned from taking it as performance enhancers. So, before jumping into the herbal bandwagon, it is best for everyone to consider the pros and cons of the so called herbal health supplements.

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