Herbal vitamins, herbal nutritional supplements and herbal dietary supplements have grown in popularity over the recent decades to say the least. We see them and hear about them every day but where do all of these natural supplements come from?

Herbal nutrition has been around for centuries within many different cultures around the globe. Certain herbs and roots are harvested for specific ailments while others are harvested to help improve and prevent illness in certain areas of our health. It has not been until modern technology has come along that we have been able to study these natural supplements and understand exactly what they do to benefit the human body.

Now that we have a more scientific understanding of these natural supplements there has been a huge surge in research and testing that has grown into the industry of herbal nutrition. Now instead of a plants ability to suppress the appetite of the tribesmen while they are on a hunt, you have the birth of herbal vitamins and countless herbal nutritional supplements that help maintain health, prevent health issues and fight existing illnesses.

The source of these herbal vitamins and herbal nutritional supplements can be found in your common every day foods all the way to the rarest of plants in some of the most remote locations in the world. Places from South African deserts to Chinese mountain tops to Mediterranean islands.

Each of these plants that supply the herbs and roots that make up herbal nutrition are very unique and have a very specific impact on the human body. It is in the studying of these different impacts where the scientists and doctors start to create a more complex mixture of these plants, herbs and roots to give us the vitamins and supplements that have become so popular today.

If you already take herbal vitamins, herbal nutritional supplements or any herbal dietary supplement take a look at the supplement facts, or ingredients. If you do research into some of those ingredients you will see that some of them actually come from half way around the globe just to make it into the pill that is in your bottle.

Unfortunately due to the global popularity of these products, some of these plants have become endangered. In most cases the local governments have stepped in to slow down and control the harvesting of these plants.  That then creates a much higher demand for a not so plentiful resource. Today there are labs around the world that are trying to replicate some of these natural supplements so that there is not a shortage in the supply and the endangered plant can be left to thrive and repopulate itself.

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